Sunday, 25 January 2015

Mr & Mrs Jones - Special Edition | 52 Ancestors

Week 4

I'm taking a little break from the theme this week. Firstly because it has been a hectic weekend with little time to put a new post together and secondly, to commemorate a special family weekend.

This weekend my Mum & Step-Dad renewed their vows in celebration of 20 years of marriage.

It was a fantastic evening with family and friends, so I'm just going to commemorate that with a few photos and a link to the speeches below..

Enjoy! <3

 Love xxxxx


  1. That’s great! You know my parents are also going to celebrate their 30th anniversary pretty soon. We are planning something special for both. We have booked a gorgeous vow renewal location for a surprise party. I hope they’ll like our surprise!

  2. Browsing your blogs it strikes me that many (including this one with all of the images) include major slices of your process as you hone in on your topic. I can appreciate that--sort of a thinking aloud approach--because it elevates the importance of reflection when it comes to tracing our family heritage, right? It is more than just laying down documents...but sharing how those artifacts strike us and how they rattle our humanity. Enjoying your work so far! Keep writing!