Sunday, 4 January 2015

William Viney the 'AgricLab' | 52 Ancestors [#1: Fresh Start]

A fresh start; starting afresh.

Last year was a busy one for me and I very much feel like I need to review all my previous research, catalogue my findings and re-assess where to go next.

One thing I do know however, is that I need to research the Viney's more (my Mothers Paternal side).

I have a little information on this side of the family and last year made a post about my G.Grandad Ernest Viney, but before starting this process I had no idea of any Yorkshire connections.

Ernest's parents were William and Anne (he went on to marry an Annie - and they gave my Grandmother the same family name).

On the 1901 census William was shown as a Horseman on a Farm and by 1911 he was Farm Manager. 

I need to learn more about William's association with the agricultural workings of this area; which farm he worked at; how far back this line can be taken knowing that Viney is supposedly an anglo-saxon name and where the rest of Ernest siblings spread to given that he moved to Shropshire; we assume independently. 

So this year is all about organising my previous research and trying new branches!


  1. Penny, it seems you have a good start here with William and some leads to the questions you pose concerning the rest of his family. Sometimes it can be a challenge in the 'Agriculture' occupation when so many just say 'farmer'. I get that often in my Georgia US research. Fortunately, most of them stayed close together in one area of the state and their lands were well documented from Revolutionary War Land Grants.

    Visiting from 52 Ancestors Weeks recap post. Here are links to my blog and this weeks post.
    Sue at Tracks Of My Georgia Ancestors
    52 Ancestors#1Firsts and Fresh Starts

    1. Hi Sue

      Thanks so much for reading - it well be very interesting to delve into this occupation having not come across it in my family until now. I'm sure there are plenty around that have however and can help me if I get lost (I hope!).

      Great blog; will enjoy your next episodes!
      My week 2 is now up:

  2. I have some "Viney's" as in-laws on my family tree... they were from England & then moved to Canada. The one who married into my family came down to the U.S. I unfortunately don't know where they were from in England.

    This might be a crazy question, but do you happen to know what a 'cotton waste spinner" &/or a "waste dealer" were/are? They were listed as occupations in the mid-1800's with my English family. Not sure if that's an answer for only someone in the industry, but thought I'd ask!

    1. Hi Dana

      It's nice to hear of someone with Vineys in their tree; they have certainly been the quiet minority in my research! Other than my 'northern' Yorkshire Vineys. it would appear that most are from the south near Sussex.

      I'm afraid that I don't KNOW what a cotton waster spinner is but my first guess would just be a cotton spinner but with 'waste' products. I've done a little google search and it doesn't seem like I'm too far off: : Condenser spinning or cotton waste spinning is akin to spinning wool : Condenser spinning is used to produce thick yarn from low grades of cotton and from cotton waste. The yarn obtained is thicker, looser, fluffier, and less uniform than yarn produced by card spinning.

      Would love to read your blog if you would like to link it?

      My week 2 is now up:

    2. Thanks, Penny. That is useful information!

      To get to my blog, you should be able to click on my name & then it shows my blog, The Enthusiastic Genealogist. But, here's the link, too!

  3. Thanks Dana. Going to subscribe to your posts x